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New York to York

Dreaming of a still-alive story, I got off the plane, and a new day began.

After flying from New York and arriving in Manchester at 6:00, we headed straight for York. We who will write new stories in New York came to York in search of old stories.

Just as it is beautiful for God to be with us, it was a beautiful day for us to be together on this journey. We were reminded that people still live in the same world God created though the stories have changed.

From Sunday to Monday night, we only slept for a few hours on the plane or bus, and for the other 40 hours, we were awake. We traveled together, saw the same things, walked together, and ate together. The yellow wildflowers that bloomed around the Clifford Tower, which served as the gatekeeper of York Castle, reminded us of the beauty of life. As we walk the old roads of York, we pray for the new roads we will walk together.

Wake up, Methodists!

-3.20.2023 / Jinwoo Kim

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